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Things you must do in Long Distance Relationship


There are somethings that we as a human crave for. In a long-distance relationship, it is difficult to full fill these cravings but it's not impossible. So read and implement the rules written down.

Always ask about day and life.

It feels good when someone asks how was your day? are you well? So always ask. your partner will tell you how was it. If it was good, appreciate your partner and if it was bad, comfort your partner and say it's ok it happens its life. This little lovely gesture of yours will make your partner feel special and prior.

Respect Each Other's Thoughts.

It's not a big deal if you and your partner don't agree on something. you can have a different opinion and thought process just respect each other's preferences, thoughts, and opinions. This will help you to have a mature, understanding, and respectful relationship. Always remember that Respect comes first in any relationship. So always respect and accept each other's thoughts, opinions, and preferences.

Use Emogi and Gif in Chatting.

Always use emoji and gif in your chats. Emoji and Gifs make texts more expressive. Using emoji's and gifs will make your chat interesting and fun. You will be able to hold the interest of your partner in chats.

Emoji and Gif can turn boring chats into naughty and funny. So always use Emoji and Gif in your chats.


In Long Distance Relationship even a small thing can be a reason for breakup so follow the rules and save your relationship.

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