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How to Sell products on Instagram and earn $10k to $100k from home


130 million people tap on Instagram shopping posts every month to buy something but people who sell products on Instagram are very few.

Now imagine if your product's cost is $10 and even 100 people bought it from 130 million people you earned $1000 just by sitting at your home.

Read full article and Learn how to start an e-commerce business and sell products on Instagram.

Premium Hashtags for 10k to 1 million reels views

Select a good niche and type of product you will sell on Instagram

First, decide what kind of products will you sell on Instagram.You can sell physical products or digital products on Instagram If you want to sell physical products on Instagram, you can sell clothes, shoes, bags, and much more. If you want to sell digital products on Instagram then you can sell Hahstags sets, Posts templates, Story templates. So first decide what products will you sell on Instagram

Set up your e-commerce store on Instagram

To sell products on Instagram and earn money you need an e-commerce store on Instagram. Create a new account on Instagram with a unique e-commerce store username and logo for your e-commerce store to attract users. More attracted users mean more followers. When you will have lots of followers your sales will keep increasing.

Sell products using posts and stories on Instagram

Use an attractive set of templates to showcase your products. Your Instagram account should look attractive and elegant. There must be a theme when the user comes to your Instagram account. If you can make your products look cool you can easily sell your products on Instagram you can visit for attractive templates. Create attractive posts and stories using and sell your products on Instagram.

Sell products on Instagram Reels

Creating Reels is the best way to showcase your product to a large amount of audience. Imagine your reel got 10k views means 10k people saw your product now if your product's cost is $10 and even 100 people bought it by seeing it on reels you earned $1000 just by sitting at your home. So must create reels and sell your products on Instagram through reels.

Secrete Instagram Growth Strategy

Sell products on Instagram through Influencer Marketing

There are lots of influencers on Instagram. You can ask them to advertise your product to their audience this way your reach will increase even more and your sales will increase also. Influencers charge fees for advertising products. When Influencers will advertise your product to their audience your followers will increase. These followers will be your customers.

Use Promote button to Sell Products on Instagram through ads

You must have seen a Promote button on your Instagram posts. Promote button is an option to reach a specific audience. So if your product is for 18 to 24 age people or specific gender and you want to sell it only in 1 specific city you can select it and create a custom customer base for your products. You can show your product to that specific customer base and you can generate more sales. Showing product to people who might buy is very important because if your product is shown to someone who is not interested will not bring you sales. So make sure you are showing your product to the right audience to sell products on Instagram

Reselling products on Instagram

If you don't have your product but still want to earn money from Instagram don't worry. There are lots of reselling platforms all around the world. Just check which is the best reselling platform in your country and start promoting their products as yours. You will earn commission on each sale you make for them. Reselling products on Instagram is very common Reselling helps both the company and people like us who want to earn money. So you can try Reselling products on Instagram and earn money just by sitting at your home for free. The best part about Reselling business is you don't need to worry about shipping you don't have to buy the product all you have to do is create a post and story and reels about the product. People will see the product and ask you to buy it now you have to take your customer's details and give it to the reselling platform. The reselling platform will ship the order collect the payment and will give you your commission. Reselling Products on Instagram is mostly done by housewives and students who want to earn some money without any investment.


130 million people every month shop something from your Instagram you only have to show your product to these people on Instagram and they will buy it. You can use Reels, Posts, Stories, Paid ads, and Influencer marketing to sell your products on Instagram. If you don't have your product you can do Reselling and earn commissions. You can earn $1k to $100k easily by selling products on Instagram

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