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Get Viral on Instagram Reels


Reels is a short video-sharing section on Instagram.

People make different types of interesting reels videos to get viral and become Famous. Reels can help you Grow your Instagram Profile very fast.

If you will post a video simply on Instagram's Post feed it will be seen only by your current followers but if you will post your video in the Reels section it will be seen by your followers and Reels audience too.

Posting Reels will give your content more exposure.

Get Viral on Instgaram Reels

There are 2 ways of growing on Instagram Reels. Paid and Free.
Paid is for people who want growth fast. who want to go viral in few months. who want to become influencers and want to earn money from brand deals and other stuff. Even if you want to promote your business and want huge sales you should use paid method. To know more about paid method DM @boltmediagrowthh on Instagram

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1- Content

You can post only 30 seconds of video on reels. To get famous on the Moj app you have to make Short but engaging Videos. To make viral short videos on reels you must be good at Something. So I will give you some ideas to be good.

You can make Romantic Videos with your partner. People love watching Romance on screen. Thanks to the Bollywood movies for this. Romantic Videos get viral very easily on Reels

You can make funny videos. If you are good at making funny expressions you can recreate thousands of joke videos on Reels in your creative way. People love laughing that's why funny videos get viral very easily. So make funny videos if you can. Romance and Comedy are something that the majority of people love to watch. That's why these videos get viral easily on Reels

Other Content Ideas

Dance, Poetry, Tutorials, Cooking, Drawing. You can Try these also if you are good at them


Post at least three 3 Videos every day Some so many people share a new video every second. There is so much competition. If you want to get Viral and Famous then you have to be Consistent. Posting three 3 videos every day will raise your chances of getting Viral on the Reels.


Use Hashtags that are already Viral on Reels. Hashtags are very important for the video to get Viral on reels. Hashtags can double your reach on any video-sharing app. if you use hashtags that have a huge reach you will see your video is getting Viral very fast. Must use hashtags that are related to your content on instagram reels.

4-Watch Time

People must watch at least 15 seconds of your 30-second video. If people are watching even half of your video Instagram algorithm will push your video to more people so must make interesting and engaging videos. If you are making Comedy or Romantic videos you have a high chance of getting full watch time because people love watching funny and romantic videos.

These were some Rules and Tips and Tricks to get Viral on Reels. Share this blog with your friends on Facebook | Instagram | Whatsapp |. Always remember sharing is caring.

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